Ambassador profile


  Name: Darius Stoncius
  Function: Project manager
  Country: Lithuania
  E-mail: darius.s(at)glis(dot)lt
  Tel: +37 05231 0700

Organisation profile


  Organisation: Lithuanian Fund for Nature
  E-mail: darius.s(at)glis(dot)lt
  Tel: +37 05231 0700
  Established: 1991
  Category: NGO
  Number of staff: Currently 5
Site profile
  Site name: None. Private property (forest and abandoned agricultural land) situated in the north western part of the large (>26000 ha) Natura 2000 site - Gražutes regioninis parkas (Grazute Regional Park) (Senadvaris)  
  Location: North eastern Lithuania  
  Land area: 32,3 ha  
  Nearest urban settlement: Zarasai (a centre of administrative district)  
  Natura 2000 ID:



  Annual visitor count: The demonstration forest and the educational nature trail were officially opened on 21st September 2007.
  Majority of visitors from: Majority of site visitors are Lithuanians so far, coming from various parts of the country, including locals.  
  Site description:

Forest covers 24,5 ha of the private property. Dominating tree species: White Alder, Birch, Pine. The property borders large water reservoir (Antalieptes marios) in the south. All cultural and biological values, including red listed species and forest habitats types included in Habitats Directive are situated in the forests of the property. The rest is
abandoned agricultural land which is gradually overgrowing with forest. Activities within the private property: forestry, education for general public and private forest owners, tourism, angling.



All species
  Species code Latin name Common / local name
Priority habitats (* indicates priority habitats)
  Habitat code Common / local name
  9080* Fennoscandian deciduous swamp woods
  9180* Tilio-Acerion forests of slopes, screes and ravines
  91E0* Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior
Stakeholder profile        
  Stakeholder activity in the management planning process:
  Stakeholder group activity level
  hi ←     → nil
  Local Government        
  Private landowners        
  Other: Administration of the regional park        
Stakeholder success stories

Preparation of the forest management plan for the private property

The following stakeholders were involved in the preparation of the forest management plan: an ecologist from Grazute regional park and a local company preparing forest management plans to forest owners and land owners. Scientists from the Institute of Botany carried out the mapping of the habitat types listed in the Habitats Directive and habitats of red listed species and provided advice on appropriate forest management in these areas.


Development of the nature trail and preparation of demonstration objects.

The trail was set up in close co-operation with land owners. Without their contribution and help with man-power we would not have been able to implement our plans. A private forest harvesting contractor company, which belongs to the land owners, carried out all planned fellings, timber extraction and clearance of the trail in forest. The woodworkers employed by the land owners produced the stands and directing signs for the trail according to the project. The permits needed from Grazute regional park and the local municipality were issued without delays. This cooperation resulted from previous meetings with the stakeholders to explain our plans and introduce the technical project of the trail to them.


Official opening of the demonstration forest and the nature trail.

The administration of the regional park offered to host the official opening of the trail and the use of their facilities and equipment for the event. With the help of stakeholders we managed to attract attention of high level officials to the opening of the trail. The Minister of Environment, Advisor to the Minister on forests, Director of State Protected Areas Service, Director of administration of the local municipality and project financers participated in the event.

Photo credit: Danas Augutis and Darius Stoncius
Communication profile

Activities and products for the communication of Natura 2000


Guided visits
Other: Web page of the organisation
Other: Publications in the journals and newspapers


  Event frequency
At least once per month


  Use of seasonal workers / volunteers


  Communication literature produced
Magazines, periodicals
Other: Web page of the organisation


  Communication target groups
General public
Other: Specific publications for foresters, forest owners, harvesting contractors


  The organisation has a dedicated communication strategy for Natura 2000


  Description of communication strategy

One TV programme, two publications in the forest related journals after the opening of the nature trail. The third publication will be published soon about the forestry methods demonstrated in the site. Web page information about the demonstration forest is being finalised as well.


  Site involved in joint working / networking


  Details of joint working / networking activity
LFN is a partner organisation of WWF. WWF-Sweden and Pasaules Dabas Fonds (Latvian NGO) assisted LFN by providing own experience, information and financial support for the development of the demonstration forests and promotion of responsible forestry in Lithuania.


Site management profile
"Development of a demonstration forest to promote responsible forest management in protected areas of Lithuania"
  Key site management issues:


Very detailed and inflexible forestry legislation, which is not compatible with continuous forest cover forestry, forest restoration activities and application of biodiversity friendly felling methods.


  Integration of Natura 2000 in overall site management:


All habitat types listed in the Habitats Directive were mapped by the experts from the Institute of Botany. They are managed according to the recommendations prepared by the experts. The majority of these stands are left without any forest management. The remaining forested area within the property is managed according to continuous forest cover principles with the aim to ensure development of qualities characteristic to forest habitat types protected by the Directive.


  Key site management objectives:


The objective was to develop and demonstrate example management of private forest situated in protected area.
Basically we did not have the problems. We changed our initial plans and we did what we could according to the legislation. Nevertheless we share our experiences during guided excursions to forest owners, foresters. We also highlighted the problems during the opening of the demonstration forest, because the Minister of Environment and other high level officials were present in the event.


  Stakeholders targeted as part of management action:


  • Land owners
  • Administration of the regional park (Natura 2000 site)
  • State Environmental Protection Inspectorate
  • Companies preparing forest management plans,
  • Local government
  Description of work carried out / methods and methodology:


  • Meetings and discussions with the stakeholders in order to discuss what could be done to implement our plans
  • Specific fellings to open, restore or maintain biological values in the property
  • The trail was cleared
  • Information stands and directing signs set up in the forest


  Results of action and activities:


The trail was completed and opened to the public.

We are planning demonstration activities for foresters and forest owners. In winter we are going to carry out new fellings and develop new demonstration objects. We have the full support of all stakeholders.


  Indication of budget allocation for these tasks:


Euros 30,000


Financial overview
  European funding:




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