Ambassador profile


  Name: Andris Soms
  Function: Communication officer
  Country: Latvia
  E-mail: andris.soms(at)
  Tel: +37 16407 1408

Organisation profile


  Organisation: North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve (NVBR)
  E-mail: biosfera(at)
  Tel: +37 16407 1408
  Established: 1997
  Category: Governmental Organization
  Number of staff: 11 employees
Site profile
  Site name: Randu Meadows  
  Location: Randu Meadows are located in Latvia, Limbažu district, territories of Ainažu and Salacgriva municipalities.  
  Land area: 285 ha  
  Nearest urban settlement: Ainaži and Salacgriva  
  Natura 2000 ID: LV0509100  

  Annual visitor count: Approximately 3,000  
  Majority of visitors from: Latvia  
  Site description:

Coastal lagoons, fixed coastal dunes with herbaceous vegetation (grey dunes), Boreal Baltic coastal meadows, Wooded dunes of the Boreal region.



Priority species
  Species code Latin name Common / local name
    Agrimonia pilosa
    Angelica palustris
    Botaurus stellaris Bittern
    Circus aeruginosus Marsh Harrier
    Circus cyaneus Hen Harrier
    Crex crex Corn Crake
    Grus grus Common Crane
    Calidris alpina schinzii Baltic dunlin
    Philomachus pugnax Ruff
    Sterna hirundo Common Tern
    Sterna paradisaea Arctic Tern
    Sterna albifrons Little Tern
    Lullula arborea Wood Lark
    Anthus campestris Tawny Pipit
    Lanius collurio Red-backed shrike
    Leucorrhinia pectoralis Large White-faced Darter Dragonfly
    Lutra lutra Otter
    Mustela lutreola European mink
    Martes martes Pine marten
    Bufo calamita Running toad
    Pelobates fuscus Common spadefoot, garlic toad
    Rana temporaria Common frog
Priority habitats (* indicates priority habitats)
  Habitat code Common / local name
  1150* Coastal lagoons
  2130* Fixed coastal dunes with herbaceous vegetation (grey dunes)
  6230* Species-rich Nardus grasslands, on siliceous substrates in mountain areas (and submountain areas, in Central Europe)
  6270* Fennoscandian lowland species-rich dry to mesic grasslands
  1630* Boreal Baltic coastal meadows
  9080* Fennoscandian decidous swamp forests
Stakeholder profile        
  Stakeholder activity in the management planning process:
  Stakeholder group activity level
  hi ←        → nil
  Local Government        
  Private landowners        
  Green NGOs        
  Recreational groups        
Stakeholder success stories

Improving tourism infrastructure - nature trail and bird watching tower

In 2006, NVBR, in close cooperation with land owners and the local municipality NVBR administration, invested funds in the construction of a novel bird watching tower and nature trail. Land owners and the municipality allocated their lands for public access, free of charge.


Reintroduction of cattle in the meadows

With help from the administration of NVBR and the local municipality, land owners bought cattle. The main idea of reintroducing cattle back into the fields was to start the mowing of grass and reed. At the beginning of 2004, a herd of five cattle was placed in the meadows. By 2006, the herd had grown to 16 cattle.
The result of this activity is good management of the site - the meadows are kept in good condition and more and more areas of meadows are restored.


Management plan

Many land owners were involved in the development of the management plan for the site "Randu Meadows". 69,60 % of all land in this Natura 2000 site belongs to private land owners and the management of the site depends on their willingness to participate in the management. Therefore it was crucially important to gather all land owners, including municipalities, around the table and discuss possibilities of management. The plan provides a detailed description of all management activities - including grazing, development of tourism infrastructure, zoning and transforming boundaries of some of the estates. Now, when the plan is partly implemented land owners can apply for EU aid under Agro-Environment schemes focused on sustainable management of "rich-species meadows".

Photo credit: Andris Soms
Communication profile

Activities and products for the communication of Natura 2000


Action plans
Guided visits


  Event frequency
A few times per year


  Use of seasonal workers / volunteers


  Communication literature produced


  Communication target groups
General public
Local community
Site visitors


  The organisation has a dedicated communication strategy for Natura 2000


  Site involved in joint working / networking


Site management profile
"Management of Randu Meadows"
  Key site management issues:


  • Restore and manage meadow habitats.
  • Increase awareness among stakeholders about importance of this site.
  • Improve tourism infrastructure in the area.


  Integration of Natura 2000 in overall site management:


The Natura 2000 site is within the boundaries of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve (NVBR). Therefore all the management activities carried out in the NVBR are directly or indirectly connected with the Natura 2000 site.


  Key site management objectives:


  • Supporting stakeholders in restoration of meadows and lagoons
  • Improving public awareness about meadow and lagoon habitats
  • Improving access to Randu Meadows
  Stakeholders targeted as part of management action:


  • Land owners - farmers
  • Local communities - schools, councils, inhabitants
  • Scientists
  • NVBR administration

  Description of work carried out / methods and methodology:


  • Preparation of management plan
  • Advising farmers regarding cattle and grazing
  • Buying cattle
  • Constructing nature trail
  • Building bird watching tower
  • Publishing leaflets
  • Installing wayside exhibits along nature trail
  • Grazing and mowing grass and reed


  Results of action and activities:


The farmers can raise the cattle and if necessary the municipalities rent their land to owners. The first results of meadow and lagoon restoration are evident already. Farmers use new agricultural programs - Agro-Environment for getting support for grazing activities.

The tourists and birdwatchers can enjoy the infrastructure - trails and birdwatching tower.

Financial overview
  European funding:



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