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  Name: Kazimierz Rabski
  Function: Society for The Coast Vice Chairman, Project Director
  Country: Poland
  E-mail: krabski(at)wp(dot)pl
+48 50155 8987
+48 22648 1852

Organisation profile


Society for The Coast
  E-mail: krabski(at)wp(dot)pl
  Tel: +48 91421 2470
  Established: 1990-2005
  Category: NGO
  Number of staff: 10
Site profile
  Site name: Odra Delta Nature Park (Park Natury Zalewu Szczecinskiego)  
  Location: North-west Poland, Westpomerania Province  
  Land area:
Laki Skoszewskie PLB 320007 (part)
Zalew Szczecinski PLB 320009 (part)
The park is located within these two Natura 2000 sites and covers in total approximately 4,000 ha.
  Nearest urban settlement: Szczecin  
  Natura 2000 ID:
Part of Laki Skoszewskie PLB 320007 (9,083.40 ha)
Part of Zalew Szczecinski PLB 320009 (47,194.57 ha)
  www: Under preparation, but also,  
  Annual visitor count: The official statistics have not been made so far, however it can be estimated at about 1,000 – 2,500 visitors.  
  Majority of visitors from:
  • Local and regional visitors: 70% - 80%,
  • Other regions: 10% - 15%,
  • Foreigners: 5% - 10%.
  Site description:

Coastal meadows, wetlands, forests, waters of lagoon located on the east part of Szczecin Lagoon.
The Odra Delta Nature Park covers 3,997.85 ha, from which:

  • 786.38 belongs to the Society for The Coast as coastal meadows, wetlands,
  • 419.38 belongs to the National Forestry in Goleniow as mixed and pine forest,
  • 2,673.16 belongs to the Maritime Office in Szczecin as waters of Lagoon,
  • 118.92 belongs to other owners such as channels, roads, private lands.

It is a complex coastal ecosystem, characteristic for inland sea water catchment.


All species (at the moment the list of the birds is in the stage of permanent monitoring (according to Annex I), the list of other species is under preparation.)
  Species code Latin name Common / local name
  A294 Acrocephalus paludicola Aquatic Warbler
  A229 Alcedo atthis Common kingfisher
  A255 Anthus campestris Tawny pipit
  A021 Botaurus stellaris Bittern
  A224 Caprimulgus europaeus Nightjar
  A197 Chlidonias niger Black tern
  A031 Ciconia ciconia White stork
  A030 Ciconia nigra Black stork
  A081 Circus aeruginosus Marsh harrier
  A082 Circus cyaneus Northern harrier
  A080 Circaetus gallicus Short-toed Eagle
  A084 Circus pygargus Montagu's harrier
  A122 Crex crex Corncrake
  A238 Dendrocopos medius Middle spotted woodpecker
  A429 Dendrocopos syriacus Syrian woodpecker
  A236 Dryocopus martius Black woodpecker
  A027 Egretta alba White heron
  A320 Ficedula parva Red-breasted flycatcher
  A127 Grus grus Crane
  A075 Haliaeetus albicilla White-tailed eagle
  A022 Ixobrychus minutus Little bittern
  A338 Lanius collurio Red-backed shrike
  A177 Larus minutus Little gull
  A157 Limosa limosa Black-tailed godwit
  A272 Luscinia svecica Bluethroat
  A073 Milvus nigra Black Kite
  A074 Milvus milvus Red Kite
  A072 Pernis apivorus Honey buzzard
  A151 Philomachus pugnax Ruff
  A120 Porzana parva Little crake
  A119 Porzana porzana Spotted crake
  A190 Sterna caspia Caspian tern
  A193 Sterna hirundo Common tern
  A307 Sylvia nisoria Barred warbler
  A166 Tringa glareola Wood sandpiper
All habitats (still under final preparation.) (* indicates priority habitats)
  Habitat code Common / local name
  1160 Large shallow inlets and bays
  1630* Boreal Baltic coastal meadows
  7120 Degraded raised bogs still capable of natural regeneration
  91D0* Bog woodlands
Stakeholder profile        
  Stakeholder activity in the management planning process:
  Stakeholder group activity level
  hi ←        → nil
  Local Government        
  Central Government        
  Private landowners        
  Green NGOs        
  Private sector        
  Private individuals        
  Port authorities        
  Recreational groups        
Stakeholder success stories

Land purchasing

Actually thanks to the support from EECONET Action Fund and cooperation with EUCC-The Coastal Union, Society for The Coast was able to purchase or long-term lease about 1,000 ha of extremely valuable coastal meadows.


Establishing Odra Delta Nature Park as a part of two Natura 2000 sites

As a common action initiated by Society for The Coast (EUCC-Poland) with the participation of National Forestry, Maritime Office and private landowners.
Main practical activities include:
  • re-introduction of grazing
  • reconstruction of channel systems
  • reducing area covers by reeds
  • keeping biodiversity
  • educational actions.

(Project realized thanks to PIN-MATRA support; 2002-2005).


Sustainable development of Stepnica Local Community

Complex of initiatives organized by Society for The Coast with support from various organizations and sponsors, national and foreign:

  • Implementation of Natura 2000
  • Extensive agriculture development on selected areas
  • Education with local children (since 1996)
  • Soft tourism development: network of individual local investors and Society for The Coast in tourism sector (B&B, pensions, campsite, horse tours) with special attention to ecological tourism and education

(Programmes supported mostly by: Regional Fund for Environment Protection and Water Management in Szczecin, GEF, EcoFund, Natuurmonumenten, Dutch foundation KNHM.)

Photo credit: Society for The Coast Team
Communication profile

Activities and products for the communication of Natura 2000


Guided visits
Other: Leaflets (4)
Other: Popular books (4)
Other: DVD production (3)


  Event frequency
At least once per month


  Use of seasonal workers / volunteers


  Kind of work / volunteering opportunities
  • Preparation of temporary visiting and education station
  • Help in additional field work (fencing, channel cleaning etc.)


  Communication literature produced
Other: Popular books (4)
Other: DVD publishing (3)


  Communication target groups
General public
Local community
Site visitors


  The organisation has a dedicated communication strategy for Natura 2000
No, under preparation.


  Description of communication strategy
Parallel to conceptual work, some activities have been undertaken. The most important are:
  • Workshop: “Natura 2000 in practice in the coastal zone”, as a part of INTERREG IIIC Project “CoPraNet” (Stepnica Local Community, 5 – 9 of October 2005.) focused for local people and international group of experts
  • Book: Natura 2000 on the Szczecin Lagoon (guide and scenarios for lessons) (2005)
  • Group of radio and TV information broadcasted in regional media in Szczecin region (2005 – 2007)


  The communication materials are under preparation
By Society for The Coast


  Site involved in joint working / networking


  Details of joint working / networking activity
Society for The Coast is a member of Eurosite and participates in various forms of common activities (also by organising Annual General Meeting in 2004).
The organisation is in quite close cooperation with Natuurmonumenten and Staatsbosbeheer in the Netherlands.


Site management profile
"Odra Delta Nature Park"
  Key site management issues:


  • Active conservation and preservation of the coastal wet meadows, wetlands, water and forest ecosystems
  • Connecting nature with education, recreation, culture and science
  • Rehabilitation of wetlands


  Integration of Natura 2000 in overall site management:


The rules and regulations connected with Natura 2000 are the key instruments in realising the Odra Delta Nature Park mission. It is a model area in “living nature” implementation, active nature management and public participation.


  Key site management objectives:


The long term objectives realised in Odra Delta Nature Park are connected to model active nature management of coastal and wet meadows. Tools such as grazing and mowing are used to ensure the proper water management, implemention of proper nature measures and education and eco-tourism. It is going hand-in-hand with the preservation of forests and sustainable usage of lagoon waters.

After 1989 the system of state farming collapsed and much of the land was abandoned. After 10 years of purchasing, re-management was the only way to save this unique ecosystem, especially in the light of BirdLife. The lack of management and incorrect locations of nests lead to problems with water usage. The lack of water management was also preventing the development of forest ecosystems.


  Stakeholders targeted as part of management action:


The following groups of stakeholders are involved:

  • Farmers
  • Fishermen
  • Foresters
  • Sector of local tourism
  • Local administration


  Description of work carried out / methods and methodology:


  • Preparation of the land purchasing after the existing and endangered values were recognized
  • Land purchasing procedures
  • Preparation of the Management vision
  • Groups of terrain activities (water management, extensive agriculture re-implementation, preparation for education and eco-tourism mission)

For “paper and office” works, the methods carried out were: negotiations, administration procedures, consultancy.
For field activities, a large amount of work involved connecting with individual subjects, including involving local people and setting up of partnerships.


  Results of action and activities:


  • Close cooperation with local communities
  • Good contacts with a group of local investors (tourism, agriculture)
  • Integration with state sector of administration (forestry, maritime)
  • Actually the basics for professional nature management realised by NGO in cooperation with state organisation have been established
  • Better nature management of unique coastal ecosystems have been started
  • Public involvement is significant


  Indication of budget allocation for these tasks:


Approximately Euro 500,000


Financial overview
  Organisational budget for nature conservation (annual):


From 1996 (Society for The Coast established) to present: approximately Euro 500,000


  Budget reserved for communication:


Not more than Euro 10,000 was possible.


  European funding:




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