Estonia: Laidevahe nature reserve

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Natura 2000 Ambassador for the Natura Network Initiative...   A representative of MTÜ Laidevahe Loodus (NGO Laidevahe Nature)
Kalev Au
Country Estonia
Natura 2000 site location Saare county
Nearest urban settlement Kuresaare
Natura 2000 site name Laidevahe nature reserve
Size of site (hectares) 2442 ha
Key Habitat types 523 / 4111 / 3241 / 521 / 321
Key Species types Dunlin Calidris alpina / Barnacle Goose Branta leucopsis / Little Crake Porzana parva
Key management issues Restaration and management of semi-natural grasslands, reed management, nature education and tourism management, forestry and fish protection.


Natura Network Agreements
Organising at least one Green Days event per year National wetlands day held in 2003. Several nature education projects for local school children over the years. 5 voluneer camps held since 2001 with Estonian Fund for Nature.
Promoting Natura 2000 at the local level Promoting and greating undestanding of the Natura 2000 is a big part of everyday work. It's done by having day-to-day dialogue and several meetings a year with local stakeholders. As Saarema was a hot spot to migrate during the II WW, many of the landowners now live abroad and it doesn't make it always so easy.
Involving local stakeholders in the management planning process - creating a local area partnership The management plan for area is not passed in state level jet. Local stakeholders are not only involved in management of the area, but where actively involved also in greating the management plan. As many stakeholders do not live in the area, mutch of the land is rented to local farmers. Manageing semi-natural grassland is donated by state.
Involved in a natural site 'Twinning' / networking / knowledge exchange at the European level? Several study-days are organized a year by Matsalu and Vilsandi national park. Members of MTÜ Laidevahe Loodus have also participated in several project based knowledge exchange programs.
Branding of Natura 2000 Not officially as yet, although meat from the reserve is labelled "from the natural grasslands" wicth in case of Estonia means, that animals have been grazed on Natura 2000 sites.
Agreeing to become an NNi ambassador Kalev Au is an NNi Ambassador (contact via siim(a)


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