Natura 2000 Training, Workshops and Reports

The NNP includes a series of training and workshops, and follow-up reports and guidance. The following link will take you to a page listing workshop opportunities and useful downloads resulting from workshop and training activities:

View the Natura 2000 Training, Workshops and Reports page

A toolkit offering practical Natura 2000 site management guidance is being produced as part of the NNP, it will be available for download via the following link:

NNP Natura 2000 site management Toolkit

Green Days

Green Days are nature events on Natura 2000 sites that aim to raise interest and awareness in European nature conservation. On this site you can register your events in the Natura Green Days calendar of events, free of charge.

+ Register an event

+ Search the Natura Green Days Calendar

(Clicking these links will re-direct you to the Eurosite website, to continue browsing the Natura Network Initiative site close the window in which the above links open. The registration form and the calendar will shortly be moved to this domain.)

To download communication tools to assist your role as event organiser, visit the NNP Natura 2000 site management Toolkit page where you will find items specifically tailored for Green Days.

As a manager of a natural site with Natura 2000 designated land you can organise a Green Day event; even use an already planned event to promote your work for Natura 2000. Event organisers are welcome to register their events on the Eurosite Dynamic Calendar , an on-line tool for the registration of Natura 2000 events. The Dynamic calendar provides a searchable database of Green Days events - an excellent way to promote an event or search for an event in your region.

Capture the imagination of your visitors with information about the natural value of your site, how you manage and protect it, how the public can help. Your nature event might be a guided walk for the local public, or meetings between stakeholder groups for the discussion of specific management issues - even an organised school outing.