NNP Natura 2000 site management Toolkit

Additions will be made to the content of this toolkit throughout the course of 2007


    General info          
    Misconceptions about Natura 2000   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
    Communication aids          
    How to Write a Press Release   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
    Facilitation / Partnership building          
    Facilitation Guide   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
    Conflict Resolution   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
    The Importance of Agreements   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
    Stakeholder Management   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
    Networking tools          
    Twinning-lite Guidance   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
     Programme Participants   (EN)  
     Programme Management Team   (EN)  
    Complimentary Initiatives and Programmes          
     Natura 2000 Programmes   (EN)  
    Event Management          
     Checklist for organising events   (DE) (EN) (FR)  
    Financing Opportunities          
    Guidance Handbook from the EC (pdf 2,4mb)   (EN)  
    Further information from the European Commission   (EN)  
    IEEP guidance documents for European Funding   (EN)  
    National level events          
    Event programmes and reports   (EN)  


Green Days Toolkit

The Green Days Toolkit is a collection of downloadable information on Natura 2000, useful to both organisers and participants of Green Day events. This information is free for download and maybe printed, copied and distributed freely.

    Green Days press release                    
    Customisable Green Days press release   (DE) (EN) (FR)
    Leaflets / Dépliants  
    Frequently Asked Questions / Foire Aux Questions   (DE) (EL) (EN) (ES) (FR) (HU)   (NL)  
    Natura 2000 information / Information Natura 2000   (DE) (EL) (EN) (ES) (FR)   (IT) (NL)  
    Display print sheets (A4)  
    Frequently Asked Questions / Foire Aux Questions   (DE) (EL) (EN) (ES) (FR) (HU)   (NL)  
    Colouring pages / Coloriage (for children)  
    Lutra lutra (Otter)   A5 A4 A3
    Charadrius dubius (Ringed Plover)   A5 A4 A3
    Poster / Affiche  
    Green Days / Journées Vertes   A4
    European Commission: Natura 2000 information    
    The Natura 2000 network   (various)
     Natura 2000 publications   (various)