Ambassador profile


  Name: Gian Carlo Ravetti
  Function: Forest Ranger’s Responsible Coordinator (Responsabile coordinamento guardiaparco)
  Country: Italy
  E-mail: vigilanza.pnrt(at)virgilio(dot)it
  Tel: +39 01416 44714

Organisation profile


  Organisation: Ente Parchi Astigiani - Rocchetta Tanaro NaP
  E-mail: vigilanza.pnrt(at)virgilio(dot)it
  Tel: +39 01415 92091
Rocchetta Tanaro Nap: 1980
Ente Parchi Astigiani: 1991
  Category: Regional Natural Park ( Piedmont Region )
  Number of staff: 12: all personnel of Ente Parchi Astigiani Organisation: Rocchetta Tanaro Nap & Valsarmassa Nar, Valleandona, Valle Botto Valle Grande Nar n° 6 Forest Rangers
Site profile
  Site name: Parco Naturale di Rocchetta Tanaro  
  Location: Piedmont, Italy  
  Land area: 123 ha  
  Nearest urban settlement: Turin, Asti, Alessandria, Milan, Genoa  
  Natura 2000 ID: IT1170001  
  Annual visitor count: between 25,000 and 30,000  
  Majority of visitors from: Turin, Asti, Alessandria, Milan, Genoa  
  Site description:

This natural Area spreads on a hill zone which scope down towards Tanaro river.If we examine the subsoil we can find many fossil remains, expecially fossil shells, but we found different rorqual whale fossil skeleton. All the Area is located from the Tertiary Period. In the lower part, two streams fix the West and the East boundaries. The presence of river crayfish is really meaningfull since it is an ecological indicator of good water quality. The naturalistic richness is related to the wood land with its coppices of chestnut-trees and with its lofty trees, over all grove of oaks, such as Sessile oaks (Quercus petraea), Pedunculate oaks (Quercus robur) and other types of Oaks (Quercus cerris, Quercus pubescens). Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park, judging from its climate and vegetation, is located in the centre of a sort of bridge connecting between “Langhe” (South Piedmont area, influenced by Mediterranean climate) and the hilly system of Turin (near Alps climate). The study of vegetation of the Park has been really meaningful in order to investigate the history of the original forest of the Basin of Asti. In the underwood we can find wild orchids, wood geraniums, brooms,wood lilies, asphodels.The wood is also for many animals: foxes, squirrels, weasels, hedgehogs, dormice (Glis glis) and badgers.The avifauna is represented by at least 40 nest-building species, such as the rare red barred woodpecker, the lesser spotted woodpecker, the green woodpecker, the tree-creeper, the green warblers, the goldcrest and so on. Rivers and hills have guaranted in the past, and for the future, the possibility of fine fruits and vegetables production, and special “Barbera” red wine and “Cortese” White wine. In Rocchetta Tanaro village, we can see the characteric and historical sections of the village including the church, castle, old streets and old wine cellars.


All species
  Species code Latin name Common / local name
    Muscardinus avellanarius Moscardino
    Meles meles Tasso
    Mustela nivalis Donnola
    Lacerta (viridis) bilineata Lucertola
    Podarcis muralis Lucertola muraiola
    Hierophis coluber viridiflavus Colubro
    Triturus carnifex Tritone
    Hyla arborea intermedia Rana arborea
    Rana dalmatina Rana dalmatina
    Rana lessonae Rana
    Regulus regulus Regolo
    Picus viridis Picchio verde
    Dendrocopos major Picchio rosso maggiore
    Erithacus rubecula Pettirosso
    Aporopion costatum Coleottero cerambicide
    Pseudolimneus inustum Coleottero cerambicide
    Drymochares truquii. Coleottero cerambicide
    Sorbus domestica Sorbo domestico
    Carpinus betulus Carpino
    Quercus robur Farnia
    Quercus cerris Cerro
    Mesphilus germanica Nespolo
    Alnus glutinosa Ontano nero
All habitats (* indicates priority habitats)
  Habitat code Common / local name
  9160 Subatlantic pedunculate or sessile OakWood and Carpinion betuli Centra Europe Oakwood (Querceti di farnia o rovere, subatlantici e dell'Europa Centrale del Carpinion betuli)
  9260 Chest nut Wood (Castanea sativa) (Foreste di Castanea sativa)
  91E0* Alder alluvial wood (Alnus glutinosa); Ash alluvial wood (Fraxinus excelsior).
(Foreste alluvionali di Alnus glutinosa e Fraxinus excelsior)
  6510 Lower Altitude Hay poor grassland (Alopecurus pratensis, Sanguisorba officinalis).
(Praterie magre da fieno a bassa altitudine (Alopecurus pratensis, Sanguisorba officinalis).)
Stakeholder profile        
  Stakeholder activity in the management planning process:
  Stakeholder group activity level
  hi ←        → nil
  Local Government        
  Central Government        
  Private landowners        
  Green NGOs        
  Private individuals        
  Recreational groups        
  Other: Schools        
  Other: University        
  Other: Local wine producers        
  Other: Social Cooperative        
Stakeholder success stories

Two annual special events

Every year we organize two special events with local wine producers to promote the local wine (Barbera red wine) and the special areas in the park where the black grapes are cultivated.
The first event takes place at the beginning of the summer. We call it “Notturno al Parco”. It involves a night walking around the hills of the Rocchetta Tanaro Nap and around the vineyards between Rocchetta Tanaro village, and Tanaro River. Every year approximately 300 people walk together with the Park’s staff. The event involves listening to night raptor birds of prey and some star and planet watching hosted by an astronomy specialist. The wine producers, together with the social wine cooperative “Cantine Post dal vin – Terre del Barbera s.c.a", , offers the new “Barbera” and new “Cortese” wines with special local food .
“Pacha Mama” (, e mail:, a Youth Hostel situated in the middle of the Rocchetta Tanaro Nature Park, contributes to this event and offers a cocktail party and the possibility to spend the night in the park. The schools, exhibit their works on the Park’s nature. Primary school, Middle school, Secondary school exhibit the final products of the environmental educational projects developed, during the three seasons, in the natural Park, with the technical support of the forest Rangers: Posters of the wood stratification, subsoil, humus stratum, herbaceous and shrubby level; posters of wood fauna tracks, avifauna feather; herbarium, the wood shapes; morphology of landscape; climate research; difference of Biomes, etc.


Culture and Nature

At the end of August the second meeting involves culture and nature. Important national writers born in Piedmont, Davide Lajolo, Cesare Pavese and Beppe Fenoglio, host a litterary trip in the natural parks or natural reserve.

Together with Davide Lajolo, the Cultural Association, comune di di Vinchio, Viticoltori associati di Vinchio-Vaglio Serra and Ente Parchi Astigiani promote “ La Festa della Valsarmassa” (Valsarmassa Nature Reserve), which takes place on the last Saturday in August, every year. It is a cultural and natural event, with narration of passages taken from a well-known story by Davide Lajolo, an important National writer. This year is a tribute to Bertolt Brecht, with a collection of poetry reading. It also includes Davide Lajolo’s prize to a national italian TV, Rai tre, “Ambiente Italia” programme. There will also be poster exhibitions of committees, associations and organisations from different areas of Asti Province, against the building of a biomass incinerator in the local area. The local association of wine growers offer a guided wine tasting accompanied with special local food.


Festa degli alberi 21-22 march

Meeting in the urban Parks of Asti, together with WWF, Italia Nostra, Legambiente, and all the schools (about 600-700 students). The event involves:

  • Natural games
  • Water Cycle demonstrations and the importance of saving water
  • Play with pupils and other students to use correct behaviours to save forest and water
  • Distibution of gadgets and special leaflets for the correct use of water.
Photo credit: Francesco Ravetti, Gian Carlo Ravetti, Pier Luigi Iguera and Sergio Pagani.
Communication profile

Activities and products for the communication of Natura 2000


Green Days more info
Guided visits
Other: Environmental educational projects


  Event frequency
At least once per week during school period
At least once per month


  Use of seasonal workers / volunteers
No, just a local social cooperative


  Kind of work / volunteering opportunities
Local social cooperative at least one per week during open school


  Communication literature produced
Other: Natural games (how to save water; the “noise” of the forest; orienteering; the shapes of leaves; the tracks of the forest; how to measure a tree; etc.)


  Communication target groups
General public
Local community


  The organisation has a dedicated communication strategy for Natura 2000


  Site involved in joint working / networking


  Details of joint working / networking activity


Forest conservation supporting initiative and ecotourism growth.Poster exhibitions
Joint-working - Network activities: Ente Parchi Astigiani; Regione Piemonte - Community and International Affairs Sector.

2: INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Integral Nature Reserve of OTONGA (Equador)
Forest conservation supporting initiative. Poster exhibitions.
Joint-working - Network activities: Ente Parchi Astigiani; Regione Piemonte - Community and International Affairs Sector.

3: C.E.A. of Rocchetta Tanaro Nap (Environmental Educational Center) Organisation and management - study and execution of environmental educational projects for the next school year (2007-2008) Primary School, Middle School and Secondary School.
Promotion and networking of the different biodiversity and landscapes for the environmental survival as a complex interactions between physical, biological, cultural and social components. School teachers training. School poster exhibition.
Joint-working - Network activities: Regione Piemonte - Ente Parchi Astigiani - Asti Province - Asti city Administration, social and educational sector- Arpa of Asti Province - Territorial Laboratory of Asti Province - Environmental Didactic Laboratory of Pra Catinat (Turin) - CSPS Social Cooperative of Asti - LA PERVINCA Cooperative of Asti - Davide Lajolo Association, Vinchio (Asti) - Forest Rangers of Rocchetta Tanaro Nap.

4: CCR (Girls and Boys City Council of Asti) Organisation and management of a meeting in Rocchetta Tanaro Nap - hosting the new CCR of Asti (approx. 40 pers.). Meeting with the political administration and the Mayor of Asti, Theme: environmental and pollution problem solving - meeting of the Middle and Primary School Teachers.
Joint-working - Network activities: Municipal Administration of Asti City - Social and Education Sectors- Rocchetta Tanaro Admnistration - Ente Parchi Astigiani - Primary and Middle School’s Teachers - Forest Rangers of Rocchetta Tanaro Nap - CSPS Social Cooperative of Asti - “Pacha Mama” youth hoste of Rocchetta Tanaro Nap - LA PERVINCA Cooperative of Asti.

5: LE COLLINE DEL MARE (The sea hills) Integration Programme for Local Development
Biotopes - Geosites - Ecological Network. Actions to realize an ecological national network to improve the development of all circuits, characterized by natural, social and cultural values, to defend and to increase the existing biodiversity levels.
Joint-working - Network activities: Regione Piemonte - Asti Province - Administration of Asti City - WWF Italia, Asti Section - Asti University System of Higher Education - Oriental Piedmont University Education - Turin University, Earth Science Department - Sacro Monte di Crea Nature Park - Cassa di Risparmio di Asti (Bank) Foundation - ASP Pubblic Service Asti S.p.A. - GAL BMA Local Action Group Basso Monferrato Artigiano - Local Administrations of:
Rocchetta Tanaro - Settime - Cinaglio - Camerano Casasco-Capriglio - Vigliano - Cortiglione - Belveglio - Vaglio Serra - Vinchio - Incisa Scapaccino - Mombercelli - Calliano - Ente Parchi Astigiani.

6: 15 FREE BUS SERVICE TRIPS: To Rocchetta Tanaro Nap and Valsarmassa.
750 pupils transported to Rocchetta Tanaro Nap, to take part in Environmental Educational projects, organized by Forest Rangers of Rocchetta Tanaro Nap.
Joint-working - Network activities: Ente Parchi Astigiani - ASP Pubblic Service Asti S.p.A. - Administration of Asti City, Social and Education Service - Primary School Teachers of Asti - CSPS social Cooperative Asti - PACHA MAMA youth Hostel - LA PERVINCA Cooperative of Asti.

7: NATURE TRAIL FOR BLIND PEOPLE: Rocchetta Tanaro Nap, 600 meters of nature trail (Wood natural street) for blind people, recognizing tree trunks through touch - Audio information supports the projects.
Joint-working - Network activities: Public Middle School of Rocchetta Tanaro - Local Administration of Rocchetta Tanaro - Private Forest Owners - Blind national Union of Turin - Forest Rangers of Rocchetta Tanaro Nap.

Popular and traditional female songs festival, Eight Edition 28th and 29th September 2007, Alfieri Theater. Ente Parchi Astigiani Organisation. Songs of the “1900”.
Singers from Europe, Africa and South America. The fatigues works of the earth. The music and the words.
Joint-working - Network activities: Regione Piemonte - Ente Parchi Astigiani - Alfieri Theater - Administration of Asti City.


Site management profile
  Key site management issues:


  • The communications with schools
  • Good relationships with farmers, the social cooperative and wine producers


  Integration of Natura 2000 in overall site management:


It just started.


  Key site management objectives:


  • Landscape preservation.
  • To maintain the morphology of the territory outside the Park.
  • To communicate the European Landscape Convention.
    This convention was ratifyed on the 20th October 2000, in Florence, Italy, by the competent Ministers of the European Members States. The convention's objective is to communicate to all public authorities at local, regional, national and international level, the environment protection policy of the European landscape management. In order to address social needs, economic activities and environmental protection, this policy should be compatible with sustainable development. The convention outlines the legal measures for the landscape policy and encourages cooperation between national and international authorities. Finally the convention aims to realise the “landscape premium of the European Council“ for local and regional communities, that display good landscape sustainable planning that can be used as a model for other European countries.


  Stakeholders targeted as part of management action:


  • Private farmers
  • Some local wine producers
  • Schools


  Description of work carried out / methods and methodology:


  • Corrected information
  • Explanation of the correct resources management
  • Meetings in the Park
  • Walking
  • Scientific explanations to conserve the landscape


  Results of action and activities:


  • Cessation of some uncorrected interventions
  • In the meeting at the end of August, the local committee organise an exhibition of posters against the biomass incinerator.


  Indication of budget allocation for these tasks:


No money available, but willingness to discuss the matter with the Park’s staff


Financial overview
  Budget reserved for communication:


30% of the entire budget


  European funding:


No, only funding from the Regione Piemonte


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